An Award-Winning Approach to Rider Safety

RideFree takes a fresh approach to compulsory basic training for motorcyclists, by researching the most effective ways of delivering a CBT and getting the best outcomes for young riders.

The programme was sponsored and supported by Highways England and has been identified as an outstanding example of rigorous intervention design, partnership working and robust evaluation to create an evidence-led behavioural programme, which has now won a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (2019).

Commending the programme, the judging panel remarked: “RideFree… is a truly multi-sectoral, evidence-based approach to developing a new behavioural road safety intervention. It could not have been achieved without the support and input from Highways England, particularly the team in the East Region; the local Road Safety Partnership, DVSA, Agilysis and Driving Research.”

To access a full report on the evidence and intervention design please click here.

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